Hello world!

That’s right!!! HELLO WORLD! It’s like I have crawled out from this huge rock that was my old studio, ripping out, tearing , moving ,painting , head scratching , nailing, glueing, purging, rolling away the stone that was old to uncover something that is new and vibrant and all of those ings! Its been a long haul but IM BACK!

For those of you who were aware and contributed to my recent crowdsourcing efforts- I want to thank you all from the warmest cockles of my heart and bless you! You have made all of this possible!

For those of you that dont know about that effort- I have REJUVINATED My studio adding new digital workstations, monitors and the latest versions of Pro Tools and Logic- no more compatibility issues! Right?  I also have done acoustic treatment to the live room and control room, its TIGHT! Gone are the hideous rugs that plagued my (and maybe your) existance for the last 10 years- now I have new colorful rugs dazzling to the eye and soft on the (bare) feet. Gone are the weird flutter echos, HELL-O nice ambience!

Tape Tape Tape! Record to tape PLEASE! Put these nice machines to work for you. Make your project an analog masterpiece and perhaps even master to 1/4 mono! Glorious MONO!

The lucky artists to test out the new studio so far have been The Better Haves featuring members of the Hacienda Bros and the B Stars, Carol Denney, Bill Jackson and Pete Madsen- all sounds well !! tracking room is very nice!

I just want to thank everybody who helped in my fundraising effort and got me to my goal -you have all changed and helped my business tremendously- Hats off to all of you! — Of course my 2 week projection for getting things done turned into almost 2 months- that’s the way it works in the studio world- just ask any studio owner and they will relate horror stories of wires and shorts n things- it gets crazy!