These are the questions that I am asked over and over again. Hopefully the answers I’ve provided here will assist you on your sonic journey, leading you to my door. Peace and blessings to you.


I am in Oakland off of Hwy 24 DIRECTIONS from SF: Hwy 80 East to 580 East to 24 East, take the Claremont exit, right at the light, left on Cavour St.(at the Oakland DMV) ADDRESS IS 479 Cavour St. DIRECTIONS from East Bay: 580 East to 24 — the rest is the same. TAKE MY PHONE # IN CASE YOU GET LOST!!! 510-705-3119.


I charge $60/hr. This rate includes the studio, all the equipment you need to use (guits-amps-keys etc,) and me as engineer. Outside engineers and producers welcome! Rates are open to negotiation in these cases.


Studio must have 10 days notice of a cancellation or, you will be charged $200 a day-Hey I got mouths to feed!!!!!.


If you book more than one day in a row (lockout)- you must pay $200 per day as deposit- this deposit will be figured against your final damages.


My minimum charge is $120 . No ifs-ands-or butts- if it only takes 30 minutes to do a job- sorry it is still gonna be $120. My hourly is $60/hr.


My clock starts ticking when the session is scheduled to start. If we say 11 a.m. then regardless of when you get there- the session starts at 11 .


New tape is only manufactured by two companies nowdays ATR and RMGI, it is pricey for 2″- around $300, that will get you 32 minutes at 15 IPS and 16 minutes at 30 IPS. One inch (which I absolutely love working on) is about half that.  One pass tape is still available if you look around. Tape Tape in LA, Vintage King sometimes has it, Ebay etc. Please call me before you buy used tape if you will be using it here as certain brands, eras and storage will determine if the tape has problems.


This is a service I offer to folks who have tape that is experiencing binder breakdown. If you have Ampex tape(-some other brands also) that is over 5 years old there is a possibility that it might need to be baked, this I can do for you for a nominal fee-if you are going to be working at the studio. If you just want some tape baked, and are going elsewhere to mix it I charge $40 a reel for 2″-$30 a reel for 1″ and $20 a reel for 1/4″.


Please. if you have any questions, feel free to call. Ask for Wally. Have patience as I usually dont answer calls while in session.

(510) 705-3119 or (510) 601-9010

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