I have the great pleasure to remix and do post-production on alternate and unreleased mixes for Ace Records London with my pal Alec Palao-

Music Machine album cover

The tracks, which are nothing short of magical, confound and confront each member’s personal retrospectives, most of which are at odds with the sum total of the whole, deepening the mystery of the Music Machine’s unity as the group pursued – and ultimately captured – what rock historians acknowledge was the vanguard of a genera. For this reason, I would have preferred the omission of certain outtakes, but these conceptual embryos provide the listener with a progressive evolution – a musical gestalt – heretofore unattainable without the two or three ‘takes’ on hand (gloved, of course); ie, rehearsal tapes, first mix, final mix – and even then, the listener may have to cross reference all versions of each song’s development many times over, to garner fully informed enlightenment.


Sean Bonniwell



The Mystery Trend

Unlike the ex-folkies and beatniks that comprised the rest of the scene, the group, led by keyboardist and songwriter Ron Nagle, were older and came from an art school background, eschewing the jams and free-form modality of other local groups for concise ensemble arrangements. “The kind of writing that was going on in San Francisco then, to me, it was dogshit” says Nagle.

The Sons Of Champlin - Fat City album cover

FAT CITY is the first of several volumes of the Nuggets From The Golden State series drawn from the exciting vaults of Werber’s San Francisco-based Trident Productions.

The Zombies - The Decca Stereo Anthology album cover

the zombies are coming the zombies are coming

Northwest Battle Of The Bands Vol 1

It’s not so hard to imagine Don Gallucci at the helm of the Stooges’ ‘Funhouse’ sessions-.-no kidding and I am not. Maybe you wouldn’t think ‘The Owl & The Pussycat’ prime material for a guitar/organ combo, but I do believe the Bards may change your mind with their Them/Zombies-inspired re-telling. And the Monkees take on ‘Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day’ was swell, but…

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The Bonniwell Music Machine* – The Bonniwell Music Machine

Zakary Thaks – It’s The End The Definitive Collection

Clear Light (2) – Clear Light

The Zombies – Zombie Heaven

Sly Stone – I’m Just Like You: Sly’s Stone Flower 1969-70

Goin’ Back to Miami: The Soul Sides 1965-1970

A Scene In-Between 1965-1967

Absolutely Right!: The Complete Tiger, Loma and Warner Bros. Recordings

Feeling High: The Psychedelic Sound of Memphis

Together Forever: The Music City Sessions

Condition Red: Complete Goodees

Golden State Funk

Hitsville West: San Francisco’s Uptown Soul

Memphis Beat: The Sun Recordings 1964-1966

Baby You Got It: The 1960’s Anthology

Bakersfield Rebels

Beach Party: Garpax Surf ‘N’ Drag

Boy Trouble: Garpax Girls

Diggin’ Gold: A Galaxy of West Coast Blues

et Your Kicks on Route 99

Get Your Lie Straight: A Galaxy of Funky Soul

Moaning, Groaning, Crying: A Galaxy of Soul & R&B

Tuff and Stringy Sessions 1966-68

Bad Rice

Future-The seeds

The Seeds-The seeds

there are a handful of non Ace related projects I have done with Alec-Here is the one that sticks out –

CREEDENCE CLEARWATER BOX SET-(FANTASY)-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creedence_Clearwater_Revival:_Box_Set